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Our journey takes us from the beginning when our chef took an interest in spinning off from his grandma’s recipe book to create contemporary takes on traditional Peranakan dishes. He saw the way to uphold his Straits-Chinese heritage was to continue to innovate on and spread it through food.

Fusion gastronomy is a concept that has been explored countless times over, but here at Noyah La Maison we strive to take it a step further. East meets West, South meets North, we have left no stones unturned to boldly bring forth a brand of modern cuisine that is so unique yet retains character of the elements we have fused, altogether while making sure each dish is steeped in Peranakan flavours.

So be it someone who has yet to be inducted to Peranakan cuisine, or a person who is familiar to the culture, Noyah La Maison guarantees that you will find something you love. Whether it is authentic Peranakan tastes or innovative modern fusion, we have dedicated ourselves to serving you our quirky creations that provide you with a glimpse into our Southeast Asian roots.

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